Vicki And Peter, Complete Home Fit-out – Perth, WA

“Mark accommodated some odd requests…turning them into great room concepts. Room styles that span many styles and design eras.”

Mark committed to coming over to Perth a couple of times during our renovation to get measurements and to talk about how things would work in each space. This was more than enough and was more than we expected. The fit out was completed without incident over 3 days by a team of his people that were as committed to a correct installation as you would expect if installing in their own homes.

Mark accommodated some odd requests from our teenage children and then turned them into great room concepts and now spaces the kids show off to their friends. I have very much appreciated how Mark and his team provide whole room concepts that they take time to work out based on what you have said you want. In each case they came complete with scaled diagrams of how all furniture could be used in the space, options for styles and materials, and samples. Mark has been able to produce room styles that span many styles and design eras.