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“He is professional in his approach, passionate about his work, creative and committed to perfection.”

Mark Wakeling is a true artist. He can see what most people cannot. He can visualise beauty that is yet to be created. This, combined with his practicality and his ability to understand the needs of his clients, has transformed our home into our retreat. His input at various phases during our building works was crucial in the results finally achieved; small aesthetic changes, which made a huge difference. It’s now the place where we can enjoy our family and friends in the luxury of the rooms he has created.

He is professional in his approach, passionate about his work, creative and committed to perfection. When I thought something looked great, he would often say, ‘I think we can do better.’ Most importantly, he has integrity. He can be relied upon to deliver not only beautiful furniture but shape the rooms to make them come to life.I feel that we have taken a journey together. We drew up the itinerary together and we have finally reached our destination. He exposed us to the unknown, the thrill and excitement of unimaginable, wonderful possibilities. We have shared a vision. We are delighted with everything.

He has been there for us every step of the way. He went well beyond the call of duty. He cared about the overall look of the house and helped us to achieve the result we wanted.

We now love colour and we are not afraid to use it. He made every room connect in some way, through colours, shapes and use of furniture and layout. He has made every room he has touched, special. We can’t wait to work with him on other rooms.

He is committed to us, and our home. Mark has spent the last year working with us, supporting us and being a friend. We trust him implicitly and have learnt to trust in his ideas because he is able to produce the ‘wow’ factor. From his choice of glass handles for the kitchen, the elaborate mirror for the bathroom, the light fittings for all the rooms, the floor tiles, and the numerous wall colours all connected to the stain glass on the front door. Every decision has logic, which is not always obvious at first glance.

Mark is able to work with his clients and explain his choices in a way that builds confidence and achieves results. We feel blessed that he has come into our lives.

Mary, Bill, Rhys and Timothy Liokos – Melbourne VIC