Dr. Suzanne Evans – Melbourne, VIC

“The superb final finish is of a standard rarely found.”

The design insight of Mark Wakeling is creative and original and provided an imaginative and sophisticated solution to a seemingly impossible corner of my living room. The result magically combined classical elegance with modern concepts completely transforming the small area. The understanding Mark has for the space is incorporated into the design so the shelving merged intrinsically and effortlessly with the design of the entire room. Mark’s eye for colours and tones resulted in a perfect match of the timber with the flooring, and the subtle highlighting provided a further ingenious link with other colours in the room.

It was an experience to watch the development of the superb craftsmanship that accompanied every step of the design process. From the detail of the original sketches to the pattern and initial construction in plywood to the final product, was indeed the work of a master craftsman, which was witnessed, in the final assembly in which millimeter-to-millimeter slipped miraculously together. The superb final finish is of a standard rarely found.

The personal warmth of Mark and his team, their care, reliability and sensitivity resulted in an inspired and enjoyable experience. Thank you for transforming my home.