Discover Timeless

We’re distinctive in delivering both first-class bespoke interior design, complete project service and fine quality custom made furniture, wallpaper, curtains, floor rugs and lights all from one professional practice.

Combining inspiring ideas with an uncompromising pursuit of excellence.
Something that is timeless is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. We create interiors that utterly timeless.

We manage the whole interior design process, from initial concepts to final installation on both long and short-term interior projects with continued support and service for your project.

Highest Quality

We are known for premium quality, exceptional finish and craftsmanship. A fascination with form, detail and function in everything we do, results in exquisite furniture and interiors that will stand the test of time. Design and quality unaffected by the effect of time.

Designs are rich in complexity, refined technique and often feature exotic materials that you will not find anywhere else. All made and configured for individual requirements.

Our passion for quality and pursuit for excellence delivers appreciated furniture items and interiors for homes, apartments and professional settings.

Professional advice

A true professional interior artist is the driving force behind Timeless Interiors. An interior designer producing precisely planned concepts, considered and cohesive.

With over 30 years of industry experience, in both interior design, designer projects and bespoke furniture manufacture.

Design concepts are individually designed and presented giving consideration to preferred style, style of home and personality of the home/space. We will take you to the edge, push limits and realise full potential with passion, achieving the best possible result for your interior.

Artisan skills

Achieving Timeless designs requires supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are constantly striving to achieve unsurpassed quality and result, always motivated to develop capabilities.

The design and materials alone will not result in quality finish. We place strong emphasis on developed and true European artisan methods in all our finishes.

We have a developed team of modern masters, craftsmen, interior fitters and installers who take pride in finishing our meticulously planned conceptual designs. Working closely with the team, we are dedicated to achieving the best result for our client.

Bespoke furniture


Our point of difference is our ability to create furniture from a sketch, a dream or a concept. A leading interior designer in Australia with the ability to custom produce furniture with experience and knowledge is seldom found. We exclusively produce anything from single furniture item, to a complete interior fit-out where bespoke furniture is cohesively tailored in a thorough scheme.

Special and individual interiors often require exclusive, elegant designs that include custom made bespoke furniture.

We create truly unique furniture to enhance our clients’ individual personality, homes and lifestyles. As well as providing atmosphere and luxury designs to professional offices, foyers and corporate fitouts. Creating furniture and interiors that are rich in sentiment and personality is our competitive edge.

Traditional methods

Our refined quality celebrates heritage and traditional manufacturing methods.

Superior production processes and excellence in:

Carving – Considered a form of sculpture, our fine and intricate hand carving methods produce extraordinary detail, shadows and tactile qualities.

Upholstery – Couture fashion of furniture, each item is individually hand finished including premium webbing, foams, hardwood frames. Deeply tufted diamond buttoning and remarkable finishes.

Veneers and solid timber – We use a combination of solid timber and veneers, suited to the item and application. Flame Mahogany, Burl Walnut, Macassar Ebony veneers achieve exquisite designs, while the quality of solid timber in a range of species has it’s own natural beauty.

Inlay and marquetry – An ancient technique that is still practiced in our new furniture items today. Mother of pearl, brass and metal inlays and mounts, fine timber veneers inlaid in magnificent marquetry patterns.

As bespoke and luxury interior designers we’re passionate about custom producing furniture and décor, because the beauty, emotion and utility of your home or work environment has a big part to play in your lifestyle wellbeing and quality of life.

Your personal environment should reflect and be special to you, because it’s where you spend much of your time. Discover the difference working with interior designers from Timeless can make. We will push the boundaries and realise truly unique concepts and spaces for each individual project.

Unique Concepts

Timeless’ interior designers are exclusive custom made furniture producers. Well versed in crafting unique bespoke concepts for individuals, especially if you wish to combine your favourite features to create your own style. Our furniture designer can create from your descriptions or pictures, or develop a concept for you and are skilled in bringing avant-garde and custom concepts to reality.

Present your initial ideas in a picture or in words. Refined bespoke designs backed with our experience and professional advice.

Creative concepts with signature elegance

With extensive experience and creative flair we will take your interior design where you want it to go. Whether you prefer classic styles given a modern twist or the latest in contemporary design, we can tailor an interior you’ll love and cherish.

We aren’t one of those interior decorators that is bound to a catalogue or commercially available product range. We operate differently, and can create a design that fulfils your interior dream.

We’re able to achieve the best results for your interior design project, from concept through production and installation, thanks to:

  • Principle Interior Designer Mark Alexander’s unique conceptualisation
  • Our extensive network of specialist industry contacts
  • Our own workrooms and factories where our custom designs are individually made
  • Our creative expertise, flexibility and freedom
  • Our capabilities in any design style, creation and fabrication of products, thus not limiting us to any given colour palate, furniture style or prevailing design ideal
  • Interior designer backed by a creative professional with natural gift and true artisan talents
  • Interior designer with background in manufacturing, cabinet making and French polishing, unlike any other designer or retailer in Australia
  • Our ability to design and produce that point of difference you are looking for, not just another sourced or readily available product or style.
Bespoke originality for Timeless Designs

Whether you’re after an interior that is simple and understated or something exquisite and sophisticated. An individual designer furniture item, that is tailored to your preferences. We’ll work closely with you to bring your ultimate interior concept to life. This means you’ll receive a design that is exclusive, functional and enduring, whether it’s for your home, apartment, executive office or any other interior you need.

As bespoke and luxury interior designers we’re passionate about custom furniture and décor, because the beauty and utility of your home and work environment has a big part to play in your wellbeing and quality of life and happiness. Your personal environment should reflect and be special to you, because it’s where you spend much of your time. Discover the difference working with interior designers from Timeless can make.

We will push the boundaries and realise truly unique concepts and spaces for each individual project.

with over 20 years of interior design experience; we are well versed in design with timeless appeal. Don’t let a young designers learning experience become your bad experience.

Interior designer and designer furniture servicing Australia wide

As custom furniture designers and manufacturers, and an industry leading interior designer with projects in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, you can rely on Timeless for premium interior design services. We have delivered designer furniture items to locations around the world, we have the capacity to expand our interior design services and interior projects to other parts of the world, including west coast USA.

Whether you want a single item, are decorating an entire home, or are furnishing commercial premises we can design and manufacture a flawless solution

Our expertise is both an art and a manufacturing science, taking into account environmental psychology, spatial planning and architecture as well as design and decoration to ensure beautiful spaces and enduring outcomes.
Mark Alexander, principle interior designer of Timeless Interiors, has more than 30 years’ industry experience and has built an extensive network within the design industry.

Each bespoke item is carefully planned and designed uniquely for your home and created in our workshops, located in Australia and throughout the world.

Furniture and statement items are created in specialised areas of our workshops where custom design development is the key focus of an elite team of highly skilled furniture craftsmen who specialise in producing bespoke, one off furniture pieces.
Along with decor accessories and giftware and national and international textile fabric industries.

This allows us to produce exceptional quality classic and contemporary style furniture, and other custom made designer furniture including:

Select from your favourite style or styles including:

  • Art deco
  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Australian style
  • Or discover your own unique style

Finished in the timbers you love, including:

  • European
  • American
  • Australian natives

All lovingly crafted with quality finishes, gilding in gold or silver, colours and upholstery styles for a stunning and unique result.

We offer:
Interior design services – As one of Australia’s leading interior designers, we can create beautiful and functional spaces you’ll adore. Your dreams made into reality for a home or apartment interior design.

Custom manufacture of designer furniture – Can’t find that perfect piece? We can design and manufacture to your specifications. Provide us with a picture and we can bring your ideas to life.

Skilled craftsmen – We create exceptionally crafted, custom furniture with exclusive finishes.

Extensive factory industry experience – We have over 30 years’ industry experience and have transformed home and office interiors in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth, among many other locations.

National and international network – Our relationships within national and international factories mean we can design the best quality local and imported furniture and select superior decor items to complete your home or office project.

Services for national and international clientele – Timeless design and beauty knows no borders. From our location in Melbourne we have delivered designer furniture to clients Australia-wide and overseas to international clients in the UK, USA and Japan. Sydney is regularly receiving our quality designs and workmanship; with 40% of our work being delivered into homes in Sydney.

Experience the Timeless Difference

Find the timeless design you’re looking for, contact Timeless Interiors today for a no obligation quote on 1300 133 326 or submit an online enquiry. We’re happy to discuss our services and the bespoke custom furniture or décor we can create for you and your project.