Wingback chairs


A custom designed wingback chair from Timeless Interiors is the perfect mix of simplicity and luxury that’s needed for a stunning feature piece for the home or office.

We can create a sophisticated wingback chair or chair set for your home that not only suits a practical purpose, but an aesthetic one as well. We pay the most minute attention to both the construction and dimensions of the chair so you can be sure that it will not only look great, but that it will be comfortable and supportive as well.

Lateral side wings provide a visual and acoustic shield and facilitate meetings that require concentration, focused work or recreation. Make a design statement by placing twin chairs side by side in your living. Topping them with a pair of matching pillows will enhance the appeal. When used in the middle of a space, lower-back designs don’t break up the flow of the room; taller versions should be left to room edges and corners.

Wingback chairs are a late 17th-century chair designed with side wings, also referred to as cheeks. They were originally designed to shield the sitter from both cold drafts and the heat of the fire. Furniture history is something that we hold dear to our hearts, and because of this passion we are able to design and construct furniture that is a true representation of the original concept.

A stylish addition to living areas and libraries for centuries, a designer wingback chair is a timeless piece of accent furniture. It is through a full consultation and design process that we have been able to develop elaborate, vibrant pieces of furniture for our clients throughout Australia.

To provide the ultimate in support and comfort we offer the highest quality of cushioning in the form of Luxura Memory Foam. This superior comfort seat cushion includes a supportive central core and top and bottom layers of slow release foam. Luxura memory foam bounces back after sitting to its original shape, recovering volume after every use, time after time.

All of our quality furniture items are individually custom made to order, and we tailor the dimensions, colour and style to suit your preferences. Select a wingback chair design on our website, our let us assist you creating your own unique piece.