Replica Furniture

Designer replica furniture in Melbourne, Australia

Timeless Interiors is a bespoke designer and manufacturer of replica furniture in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

Our reproduction pieces pay homage to some of the most famed styles of décor throughout history. From the classical nature of French provincial pieces, to the ever distinctive look and feel of art deco inspired pieces, our handcrafted replica furniture shows an intricate and precise attention to detail.


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Replica Furniture Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Timeless Interiors designs and manufactures custom-made replica or reproduction furniture for both the home and office in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

Built with the same precision craftsmanship used during the time of their original conception, our replica furniture has all of the refinement, charm, style and feel of the originals, with the added ability to create your own touches. Recreate the charms of the past in your home or office, with the vibrancy and attention to detail that will make you feel as though you are truly living in that time. Find your very own authentic look and feel, and make your interior design something that will amaze and inspire your visitors.

View our gallery for classic style reproduction Art deco, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and French furniture and interiors. Our reproduction pieces are crafted using a variety of timbers including Mahogany, Rosewood and veneers.

See our range of tables, buffets, beds, bedsides, chest of drawers and crystal cabinets with features and details characteristic of 17th and 19th century antiques.

Choose replica furniture to transform a room into a stunning period style area or mix with contemporary modern furnishing to create a sophisticated style with beauty and elegance.

There’s a range of finishes available to suit any style or decor, from paint to polish, with the ability to colour-match to your existing decor.

Talk to our experienced furniture designers and craftsmen today to find out how you can get your hands on your own timeless piece of replica furniture from Timeless Interiors. Call 1300 133 326 to arrange a consultation and quote.