Luxury Wallpaper

The walls of a room play a dominant role in the interior design, so it’s vital that the wallpaper sets the tone by complementing the other aspects of the room including furniture, flooring, curtains and lighting. Carefully selected wallpaper imparts emotion into a room. It can enhance a small room by giving the impression of spaciousness, or draw in a large space giving it a more appealing ambiance. It can imbue a sense of warm, cosiness or a refreshing and cool atmosphere.


By relying on Timeless Interiors to incorporate a luxury wallpaper into your interior design concept, you are working with people who can integrate luxury wallpaper designs that suit your personality and style. We can specify designer wallpapers that perfectly suit the mood and style that you are trying to convey in your home or office - be that the warmth and comfort of a traditional damask style, the luxury of elegant flocked velvet or the contemporary cool of modern designer wallpapers. All of our wallpaper designs are individually selected for our clients. Our skilled designers consider shapes, colours and textures in selecting designer wallpapers that are unique and individual and provide a perfect connection between the walls, furniture and other design elements. Speak to Timeless Interiors about how we can Incorporate luxury wallpaper that can turn your home or office into a beautiful, inviting space.