Dining Chairs Melbourne

Stylish and unique Dining Chairs

It is often the simple elements that can make a dining experience one to remember, and a perfectly hand crafted, custom made designer dining chair is an element that is invaluable.


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The expert craftsmen at Timeless Interiors have been bringing to life sophisticated, elegant designs for dining chairs and settings for people throughout Australia for many years.

All of our pieces are made to speak for the clients tastes and personality, and can be perfectly matched with a custom dining table to create a stunning setting that your family and guests can enjoy. At Timeless Interiors we offer only the best in designer furniture so that you can trust that not only will the dining chair have an innovative style, but also be made with quality materials and methods.

All of our quality dining chairs are custom made and finished to order, which includes the tailoring of fabric, leg colour and dimensions. Once ordered, we can assist you further with this process by showing you the fabric sample options that are available.

When it comes to the padding of your chair, we provide luxurious cushioning to provide you with maximum comfort. For dining chairs that are comfortable to sit in for many hours at a time, you and your quests will never want to leave the dining table.

The superior comfort exists in the seat cushioning of dining chairs as well as through the backrest. Custom made dining chairs often feature additional support with lumber cushioning through lower back of each chair.

Don’t settle for a less than the best décor, and don’t compromise your taste just to save a few dollars. Browse our online galleries and discover the world of extravagant and luxurious designs that Timeless Interiors can deliver.

Our full range of designer dining chairs are Australian made using solid hardwood frames for strength and longevity, and premium foams longer lasting comfort and unsurpassed durability.

All of our custom dining chairs are made to order, in one of a kind designs. Customise the patterns, colours, dimensions and fabrics to suit your tastes. Leg colour can be colour matched to our custom made dining tables to create a cohesive dining setting. Browse through our gallery to find a dining chair design that speaks to you, or contact our expert craftsmen to discuss how Timeless Interiors can provide you with your own piece of inspired furniture.