Custom Made Wall Units


A custom made wall unit is a great way to create a fantastic storage space for your home or office. Wall units come in varying applications, shapes, and sizes; ranging from contemporary opening shelving designs box setups, to the more traditional bookcases with glass doors, buffet & hutch sections or lowline open storage wall units. Timeless Interiors can provide you with such a unique and distinctive wall unit design.

Our professional team of furniture designers can create a stunning wall unit that will compliment any interior. Wall mounted units are a great way to maximise floor space, and can also become a practical and attractive accent piece.

Timeless Interiors can create custom made wall units for both modern and classic interiors, and can make storage and display solutions that are aesthetically and structurally timeless. We can also perfectly replicate any art period from history, whether it be a striking art deco piece, or the more muted and sophisticated of French antique styles.

We utilise a wide range of high quality timbers and materials, allowing you to both fine tune the final design of the piece, as well as being reassured about our quality of work. Our craftsmanship is evident throughout all of our work, right down to the smallest detail, without compromising on accessibility or functionality.

Timeless Interiors holds great experience in being able to provide a seamless design process from start to finish. From an initial meeting with one of our interior consultants, we will be able to meet and exceed even your wildest expectations, whilst also providing you with a finalised piece that you can be very proud to call your own.

To set up such a consultation, please call Timeless Interiors today on 1300 133 326. You can also send us an online enquiry through the form provided below, and one of our consultants will be with you shortly.