Chaises & Daybeds in Melbourne

Elegant chaise lounges and daybeds, to enhance a room and relax into

High quality chaise lounges and daybeds individually custom made to order. Tailor the dimensions, colour and style to suit your preferences. Select a design shown on our website, or let us assist you create a unique tailored design.


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Luxurious designer chaise lounges and daybeds in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Chaise lounges and daybeds are a fantastic option for those looking to create a multi-functional, space-saving place for relaxation in the home. A daybed combines the best elements of both a sofa and a bed to create a space that is truly versatile.

At Timeless Interiors, our daybed frames are made from the finest quality of timbers from both local and international suppliers, and are built to be seen and admired. All of our custom designer daybeds and chaise lounges are uniquely made to order, with the ability to tailor any feature to suit your interior design style. Select a design from our website, or speak to one of our design consultants about how we can create your own personal piece of furniture.

Day beds are extremely versatile pieces of furniture and can be fully customised to your sleeping, seating, and storage needs. If you intend to use your daybed primarily for sleeping, choose from our luxurious selection of materials and premium foams to create the ultimate in luxury. If your daybed is intended to serve more as a sofa, we can design a fabulous upholstered look with fabrics to die for and superior comfort.

Choose a sophisticated wooden finish for a modern living room, or cater for a fashion-conscious teen with a sleek black metal daybed.

Want your very own designer daybed?

Call our furniture design team at Timeless Interiors today to speak with our furniture designers. We can bring to life your own inspirations, or create a designer daybed and chaise lounge that’s custom designed, just for you.