Chaise Lounges


Chaise lounges come in an extensive range of sizes and shapes, but no matter the specifications, there is always an elegant combination of comfort and beauty.

The epitome of luxury furniture, a chaise lounge for the bedroom, living area or hallway is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. With an exquisitely designed and crafted chaise lounge you will not only have a comfortable place to relax and put your feet up, you will also have a magnificent focal point to the room.

A custom made upholstered chaise lounge from Timeless Interiors is a piece of furniture that has been hand crafted using the finest solid wood and fabrics.

All of our chaise lounges are custom made to order, and are a stunning addition to both residential and commercial settings. The combination of a hardwood frame, with beautiful plush fabrics presents the ultimate in symmetry, comfort and style.

The possibilities of design are limitless, and whether you’re looking for sleek modern lines, or classical and to ornate carvings with grandeur and elegance, our skilled craftsmen can bring your ideas to life.

For the best in luxury support and comfort we offer premium foams including Luxura Memory Foam cushioning. This superior comfort cushion includes a supportive core and bottom and top layers of patented slow release foam. Luxura foam bounces back after sitting to its original shape, recovering volume after every use, year after year. Providing luxury comfort in every custom made lounge, our chaise lounges are all importantly comfortable as much as they are beautiful.

From our workshop we have experience in upholstery, hand-crafting furniture and supplying beautiful individual pieces to customers' homes. All our skilled artisans are experienced in producing a high level of detail and precision for a quality finish every time.

We believe that furniture is art. Choose outlandish styles and colours, or play it safe with traditional tried and tested. Do it your way with style, that is the way custom design is supposed to be.

All of our chaise lounge designs are uniquely custom made to order. Customise the dimensions, colour and fabrics to suit your tastes. Browse our website to find a design you like, or contact us to discuss how we can provide you with your own piece of timeless furniture.