Art Deco Offices

The working office should be one of inspiration and productivity, representing in turn the values that you wish to portray in either your personal or business working space. A handcrafted, art deco inspired office suite from Timeless Interiors will do just this, evoking sophistication and style through an area that should speak of the best qualities of your working routine.

Art deco is perhaps one of the most striking art movements to have occurred in the last century. Focusing on clean, sleek lines and shapes, our art deco office suites are designed to embody the distinction and modernity of this hugely influential design style.

Our art deco offices, much like the style itself, blur the line between traditional and contemporary, making them appeal to any particular type of existing building design.

Handcrafted by our experienced and highly skilled furniture designers, whilst using the finest timbers possible, Timeless Interiors can create for you an office that will truly stand out on its own. Everything done by us is custom made to specific needs and requirements, including your choice of timber, colour, and even dimensions.

Our furniture is designed with style in mind, but this does not compromise on comfort or your working routine. Our concept is one that looks at the total picture of what a fully functioning and presentable office suite should be, allowing you to conduct your routine in exceptional fashion, whilst promoting a positive working flow.

Our range of timbers further allows you to tailor your new art deco office suite to your precise tastes. We have a wide range of highly desirable and tasteful timbers, from the more richer mahogany variants, to the sophisticated and luxurious looks in feature timber veneers.

Timeless Interiors offers a free design consultation to those who are looking to obtain for themselves a statesmen office suite for either their home or business. Call 1300 133 326 today to arrange such a consultation. Alternatively, you can also fill out our online enquiry form.