Art Deco Dining Tables

Art deco was one of the leading design styles throughout the 1920’s and 30’s. Focusing on simplicity and precision, the Art Deco Era endeared itself to many, both in architecture and furniture. The art deco dining table was and still is typifying of the entire art movement, celebrating the theory through its practical use and visual impact.

At Timeless Interiors, our dining table designers utilise the full value of the art deco movement, creating for you a piece that will become the centrepiece of your dining space. Whether it is one of the pieces that you see here, or your own custom made art deco dining table, all of our creations embody the spirit of the time where this artistic style dominated the world.

Creating art deco dining tables is a particular passion of ours, and one where we seek to bring the style of the era to every individual facet of the dining table itself. From the design of the frame, to the handcrafted finish of the dining table’s surface, you will see elements of art deco design at every turn.

We aim to allow the expression and sophisticated charm that comes with an art deco dining table to speak freely and on its own accord. Our expert craftsmanship will be visible throughout your piece, whilst providing you with a highly unique and distinctive focal point in the dining room.

Timeless Interiors has handcrafted a variety of art deco inspired dining tables over the years, each of which embody the true hallmarks of this famous design style. Whether you wish to purchase one of the art deco dining tables that you see here, or a custom made one specifically for you, our commitment to the movement and brilliant craftsmanship will be evident throughout.