Art Deco Décor Furniture Melbourne

Quality Art Deco furniture and dazzling décor

At Timeless Interiors, all of our Art Deco furniture is individually custom made to order, with each piece being it’s very own piece of furniture history. At your consultation with us you will be able to tailor the dimensions, colour and style of furniture to suit your personal style and interior. Select a piece of Art Deco furniture from our online gallery, or let us assist you in creating a your own unique piece.


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Art Deco Furniture and Art Deco Interiors in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide

At its core Art Deco furniture design is modernism in its infancy. Art Deco emerged in the 1920s and 30’s, and embodied a transitional time in human history. From French origins came this evocative style that was inspired by post-war era optimism, the so-called "primitive arts", neoclassical design and the geometry prevalent in the evolving machine-age. The resulting Art Deco furniture is impossible to ignore, combining cinematic touches with an assertive, modern design philosophy.

Whether you're interested in a streamlined Art Deco desk or love the reflective tone created by ornate of-the-era mirrors, embrace our selection of beautifully crafted era furniture. We create pieces of stunning furniture that capture the eclectic and yet elegant style that permeates Art Deco interior design in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth. This allows our clients to enjoy bold statement-making designs as both stand-alone feature pieces or as a complete interior arrangement.

Lovingly Crafted

For us, creating custom Art Deco furniture involves a careful consideration of distinct and individual shapes and motifs. This means our pieces, with each aesthetic element are carefully made to be both interesting on its own and also within a complete, complementary design.

This ideal is found throughout the Art Deco style and rests in the superb skill of the era's craftsmen. This workmanship is world renowned and has inspired many subsequent styles and designers, including ourselves.

At Timeless Interiors we continue this fine tradition of excellence in craftsmanship to bring you phenomenal and unique pieces. We understand the many nuances of the style and carefully bring them to life, from bold geometric motifs to subdued carvings and exotic, worldly finishes.

The Art Deco home

Art Deco design is truly expressive, full of exuberance about growing modernity and the possibilities of sophisticated, industrial society.

This expression is found throughout homes and furniture from the period and includes:

  • Voluptuous structural walls that are grooved to soften the overall aesthetics
  • Evocative lighting that casts a sultry, or even suggestive glow
  • Richly decorated surfaces in exotic materials and lacquers
  • Star and sunburst motifs that embody the joy, optimism and possibilities of the Art Deco era
  • Gleaming chrome, stone or gold finishes that invoke the machinery of the industrial times
  • Machine-age geometry in the form of chevrons, spheres and trapezoids

Discover this sensuous, optimistic style

Embrace the hallmarks of Art Deco decor with furniture from Timeless Interiors. We have extensive experience in creating beautiful reproduction and inspired vintage pieces for any requirement in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth. Call our interior design and furniture consultants on 1300 133 326 or enquire online to book your free design consultation.