Art Deco Bedrooms

Art Deco is a design movement that initially appeared in the arts and entertainment world in France in the 1920\'s, and soon grew in popularity all over the world. To New York and Manhattan with the roaring 20’s, where a lot of American buildings, architecture and fashion in furniture formed around this style. It’s an eclectic style that is often defined by bold, rich colours, geometric shapes and lavishness. At its peak, Art Deco represented glamour, creativity and faith in technological progress. To this day, it continues to be adored and used by many furniture designers for both modern and older homes.

In the fashion of art imitating life, the Art Deco movement was about adding visual drama to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Timeless Interiors can bring all of these elements into your bedroom with our own unique fabulous Art Deco designs.

Using the word “bold” is an understatement for the colour palettes of Art Deco. Using your bedroom as a canvas for Art Deco can bring a brilliant feel instantly.

Neutral and indulgent tones of softer creams, whites and hints of gold can also be adapted to an Art Deco style bedroom often complementing contemporary and modern style interiors where bold colours may not suit.

There is certainly a strong movement in the current world of interior design trends to bring older homes back to their original charm, and of course in turn making newer, modern homes a celebration of the past.

Art Deco bedroom furniture had distinct lines and was adorned with bold fabrics with zigzags, stripes, Art Deco fan motifs and geometric shapes. Luxury textiles in velvet, linen, viscose and silk typify drama, very similar to the Hollywood Regency style.

While Art Deco influences had a glitz and glam appeal, the ability for mass production in the 1930’s brought about the feeling that anyone could achieve the look for their home. The Art Deco style is for anyone who wants to bring the appeal for arts, discovery and bold lifestyle choices into their home’s interior, and indeed their bedroom.

At Timeless Interiors, each piece of unique Art Deco bedroom furniture that we make goes through a thorough process, from initial enquiry to manufacture. We look forward to discussing how we can bring your bedroom to life with an exciting and unique array of Art Deco designs.