Suite Sanctuary

Suite Sanctuary

Did you catch us?

Timeless Interiors was featured in July’s edition of the Sunday Age magazine Home Style in a special report on luxury bedrooms.

Here is part of the interview and what Mark had to say……..

“Mark Alexander Wakeling, of Timeless Interiors, believes bed heads with soft fabrics are the most important part of a luxury bedroom.

“Bedrooms in Paris and Florence are small, but they always have upholstered beds. I’m doing a bed head now for a customer who wants it high and plush. I’m incorporating stud work and wings to create a cosy enclosed feeling.”

“Bedrooms were once more masculine. Males had more say in the bedroom, and there was no fabric on the bed head. Women have more influence now and want a more luxurious feel.”

“Male attitudes are changing, too, with European design influencing men. People are guided by what they see in magazines and films, while others bring home ideas from their travels.”

“The other day, I was talking to a man’s man, who ordered a black French Rococo bed. Ten years ago the same type of man wouldn’t have appreciated the elegance of this bed.”

Size matters! “A timber bed head brings the wall in and makes the room look smaller. Fabric tends to push the wall back and look more spacious.”

” In the 1970′s, fabrics were expensive. Now, they are cheaper and you can get acrylic fabrics that look like wool. It makes fabric bed heads more affordable.”

“The bed is like a big cushion, make it comfortable and inviting.”