Melbourne Interior Design Project – “The Inspiration”

Melbourne Interior Design Project – “The Inspiration”

Read the inspiring words of Interior Designer, Mark Alexander Wakeling as he talks about his inspiration behind this magnificent French / Georgian inspired home in Melbourne, Australia

Inspiration for this home was classical Georgian, with a little bit of French and Italian influence. I wanted to use a little bit more of Italian Rococo type influence in the fabrics. The French as you know are very good and very famous, but the Italian Rococo period was absolutely stunning and I think in some respect inspired the French later on. We don’t use it enough in this country (the Rococo period) and we don’t tend to use enough colour.

We are very fortunate to have some great fabric houses with great inspiration of colour – tans, oranges, mauves; you can have a lot of fun with them. For the formal room, the inspiration stemmed from the Gondolier fabric used on the back of the couch, bringing it back to the tans and oranges.

In this space I was having fun with different shapes and different movements of shapes, as well as getting different furniture styles moving together, such as the classical Italian Renaissance period, and a little bit of Georgian and Regency style.

In the back part of this home we have gone for off-white. There is a lot of off-white used in the industry. This home shows that you can use off-white and still be glamorous with it. You can add more inspiration to it and get a lot of movement from different textures and fabrics. The Zoffany collection is superb for that. Our fabric houses are filled with different Designer fabrics and colorful fabrics that people are scared to use.

Upstairs we have taken a little bit of inspiration from the Kardashians. Our client liked the style of one of the chairs so I’ve used that sort of style to bring in the New York, and paired it with a Chinese Rococo influence through the cabinets, and giving the space a Manhattan feel through the use of black, white and greys.

My advice to retailers – keep buying wonderful fabrics and keep having fun with your fabrics. Keep putting these wonderful colours on the racks

As designers, industry people and even customers don’t be scared to pick up some of these fabrics and use them. You and your customers can have a lot of fun with them and we need to support the designer houses that bring in the beautiful fabrics. Just be game enough to use them. There is life in colour, colour is still alive don’t be scared to use it.

This home was a lot of fun. Thank-you to our customer – Mark Alexander Wakeling.