A Little Bit Of Luxury In The Bedroom

A Little Bit Of Luxury In The Bedroom

I’m sure you will all agree with me that life these days is fast paced and hectic. As I grow older and hopefully a little wiser, I am discovering that it is almost essential that we all have a place where we can truly relax and unwind, a place that is comfortable, functional and of course beautiful.

I believe having beautiful surroundings is good for the soul. An elegant chair in a sunny corner for a bit of quiet reading, a generous dining table for family to gather around sharing stories about their day and a comfortable sofa with plush scatters and gorgeous rug for unwinding in the evening.

Equally, the bedroom should be just as beautiful and inviting. It’s the perfect place for a little bit of luxury and a wonderful space to explore evocative colours and plush textures, rich and sumptuous fabrics and bedroom furniture that will make you want to crawl in and never come out.

Mark from Timeless Interiors is a specialist when it comes to designing drop dead gorgeous bedrooms that ooze luxury. From one off pieces to complete room fit outs, if its luxury you want then Timeless will deliver.

Of course at Timeless we can do anything, Bedroom furniture can be tailored to any size, shape and colour to suit the client and their home. Mark will use his design knowledge and experience to design and dress the room to create a room that is multi layered with stunning textures and finishes that you will love.

Enjoy this visual feast of luxury with a side of sumptuous beauty…….there’s plenty to go around and much more to come!