The design process of a curved sofa by Timeless Interiors

The design process of a curved sofa by Timeless Interiors

Luxurious and unique curved sofa inspired from the architectural elements and curved lines of a high-rise apartment. Click through to see the design process from sketch to delivery!

Located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, this inner city luxury apartment is world class due to the architectural brilliance of Harry Seidler.

Upon visiting this building, we drew instant inspiration from the strong design elements and character of the high-rise. The building is situated parallel to Brisbane river and is an architectural landmark with impressive creative expression.

The apartment we were involved in promotes expansive views across the Brisbane river and beyond. The floor plan shows the open plan curvilinear living space and balcony with frameless glass promoting and taking advantage of the view and natural light. We wanted to maintain and enhance the curved walls and soft lines and our design concept for the interior design was both inspired by the riverfront location and these innovative architectural lines.

The inspiration to design a curved sofa for the living space came quite naturally, due to the strong character of these curves.

Please enjoy our story below of our curved sofa design process. We hope we provide an insight and facet on the behind the scenes and creation of such an incredible piece of furniture. This truly is what Timeless Interiors is all about, drawing inspiration from the surroundings and enhancing the existing character.

Floor plan and inspiration photo


Inspiration for the sofa was drawn from the architectural design elements and curved lines



Australian made and sculptured. Hardwood timber frame is constructed and the shape is perfected before the foams are added and the upholstery begins.



Finished curved sofa from sketch to completion.





Fabric Selection ­was inspired by the clients request for soft colours. Inspiration was easily inspired by the surrounding city colours, night lights and reflected glass.


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