One Of The Finest Interior Architects in Melbourne – Mark Alexander Wakeling

A complete interior design fit-out by Mark is cohesive and elegantly fits with the personality of the home and its owners, while each client’s requests for style is carefully understood and delivered. Whether that is for a classical, contemporary or Modern style. Mark has the understanding and capability to design in any style, discover a rewarding experience.

Interiors are set apart from others through the high level of detail of individually designed furniture, each carefully designed and formed from sketch to creation.

As one of Melbourne’s premier interior design architects, Mark is distinguished by his knowledge, background and experience. As a renowned furniture designer and maker with over 30 years experience, working in factories handcrafting furniture, Mark carries precision crafts with unrivalled talents and knowledge of materials and construction. Mark now services private clients Australia wide, providing professional advice in every bespoke furniture item and interior project.

Mark’s projects always combine a creative timeless approach with a signature elegance and luxurious style, combining grandeur with intrigue.

What To Expect With One Of The Leading Interior Architects In Melbourne

Mark Alexander Wakeling is the artisan behind Timeless Interiors, the creative heart and soul. Mark is constantly striving for perfection, committed to transforming every home, apartment or office he works on, one room at a time, for a truly impressive finish. Mark’s keen eye and creative mind ensure a coordinated interior design service, harmonising colours, shapes, textures, paint, fabric and accessories for an individual look and feel. An exclusive point of difference.

“We create atmosphere, an emotional feeling, then product”

Our Interior Design Architects Legacy

Mark has been involved in the design industry for over 30 years and has extensive experience not only with the design of an interior but knowledge and award-winning experience with the manufacture of fine quality furniture as well.

Mark is not just an interior designer, he is amongst Melbourne’s artisan luxury interior architects, producing bespoke pieces for his own projects and also supplying other designers with furniture items throughout Australia. His expertise has helped him expand beyond the local Victorian market, growing Timeless Interiors into an establishment highly sought after for interior architects in Sydney and Brisbane.

Understanding the construction of every detail – The timbers, fabrics, lacquers and fabrics provides the client with the best result. Any issues that may be encountered when making bespoke items are taken care of and controlled by Mark. Not many architects in Melbourne can provide their clients with quality bespoke – they don’t how to provide solutions to problems or guarantee the quality of manufacture. Mark is not delivering problems, he is delivering results with every furniture items interior well considered, as well as extraordinary designed.

Quality is in the detail

Mark’s eye for detail is uncompromised. Precision is celebrated upon the point of delivery; a perfectionist for detail, driven by this result is always the priority. Although Mark’s fundamental knowledge and the background is in the production of timber furniture, he has developed other key areas with exceptional results in other fine designer furniture including lounges, soft furnishings, curtains, lighting designer rugs and other unique finishing pieces. Beyond traditional home interior designs, he has truly established himself along with other grand architects in Melbourne.

Mark has established Timeless Interiors to be a boutique residential renovation architects practice, specialising in all specifications and finishing’s within a home. Grown from clients desire and requests for the same level of detail, care and quality Mark provided in his furniture.

“A timeless design is very simple. Like the word, something timeless is not necessarily something old, but something special to you – an event, an experience, a purchase or a feeling.

It is something you will always remember, cherish, value and grow with – around you, within your heart and mind – making the experience, in a word, timeless”

Mark Alexander Wakeling

Passion for excellence

Mark Alexander relies on his natural talent, individual creativity and passion when creating inspired and innovative interiors he is renowned for. Since the inception of Timeless Interiors, Mark has worked tirelessly on his dream of creating beautiful interiors and producing fine quality designer furniture to enhance the lives of his discerning clientele. Now his team of design experts provide their services throughout Australia as renowned interior architects in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Discover Mark’s inspiration and background

From a young age, Mark’s natural instinct was to draw, do woodwork at school and play sport! His talents flourished, pursuing his natural abilities through technical college and subsequently an apprenticeship in French Polishing and cabinet making at Prahran in Melbourne – Mark Alexander excelled and was awarded top honours for the state of Victoria for all 3 years of his training.

Mark Alexander soon became quality control manager for the factory of 25 tradesmen demonstrating his acute attention to detail and design.

At the age of 20 years, Mark Alexander started his own business, working in a small factory, making and restoring furniture. As demand for Mark’s work grew, the business developed accordingly. Mark Alexander’s first gallery, Timeless Timber Gallery, was built on the outskirts of Ballarat in Buninyong. The focus was stunningly beautiful timber furniture, designed by Mark Alexander, and created on site by Mark and his skilled craftsmen. Mark surrounded himself and his team with the best Artisans in the country, some of who had a European background and extraordinary skills in celebrated traditional methods.

The reputation of Timeless Timber Gallery led clients from all over Australia to purchase Mark Alexander’s unique furniture pieces. Interest from buyers in USA, saw Mark export a boutique selection of his furniture in the earlier establishment of Timeless Timber gallery.

Mark wanted to pursue this creativity and many of his clients started working with Mark Alexander to create their home interior style, incorporating his custom designed furniture. And so, Timeless Interiors was a natural progression from Timeless Timber Gallery.

Mark’s thirst for knowledge, willingness to learn and adapt, as well as a great love of design, meant a continued education in the worlds of furniture, textiles, design and fashion, travelling the globe regularly to capture what the world was doing on the design stage.

It was Mark’s natural gift, to be able to visualise, draw, design and create. He realised his talent and enjoyment of interior design, bringing together all the elements of design, finishing and textiles to bring a concept to life.

Mark can simply visualise a concept, from there it is realised, drawn by hand and developed through a methodical process to point of delivery.

Developing skills and knowledge, European ways is a continued focus for Mark. Designs need to be manufactured well, tasteful, pleasing to the eye and connect with other elements in the room.

Mark always strives to develops his expertise, looking up to other famous architects, and taking creative inspiration from many different types of furniture and architectural styles he has experienced while frequently travelling around the world. His extensive experience and knowledge of furniture manufacturing put him in a unique position as a designer. As such, he has a multitude of experience to draw on.

Mark is renowned for his unique designs and signature styles which are adapted across a multitude of periods, styles and colours.

“When you buy something from an artist & manufacturer, you’re buying more than object.
You’re buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation.
You’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy.
You’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul… a small piece of someone else’s life”

Developed knowledge distinctively his own

During the past 30 plus years, Mark has continued to develop his expertise, taking creative inspiration from many different furniture and architectural styles. Ultimately, Mark Alexander has gone on to establish four galleries at various times, including the current Timeless Interiors showroom in an old 1854 Goldrush Bank building in Ballarat, situated over three levels.

His extensive experience and knowledge of furniture manufacturing put him in a unique position for a designer which enables him to control the manufacturing process from concept to creation.

He has developed a considerable list of contacts within the industry, Australia wide, such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and internationally. All are leaders in their particular field of expertise. He works in close collaboration with these skilled tradespeople and friends delivering the best possible results. With his manufacturing background, he can discuss the development of products on a technical level as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Understanding production of quality furniture

Mark understands how a product is made, it’s strengths and weaknesses and why it will be comfortable or not. The client benefits from this, receiving individually crafted pieces and concepts that are both functional and beautiful.

Products are tailored to suit the individual in the same way as a designer gown or tailored suit would be. Individually made, one at a time, as we are all different.

Mark is considered one of the leading residential renovation architects in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, with projects both ongoing and completed in every capital city in Australia. Mark Alexander has been asked to supply products and participate in various TV programs, and for special events.

Experience luxury residential architects and design

Interiors are where you live and where you spend most of your time so they should reflect your personality, interests and style. Be rewarding for all your efforts.

Mark Alexander believes that it is important to feel comfortable in your surroundings and he is blessed to be able to combine his passion for design and manufacturing in creating great outcomes for his clients. Mark feels privileged to be a dreamer and an artist.

Luxury visual displays

We have also designed corporate interiors with a point of difference, created to reflect key qualities and set our clients apart from their contemporaries. Some of these notable projects have been completed for successful corporate identities in Collins Street, Melbourne and Pitt Street, Sydney.

Timeless Interior’s residential renovation architects work closely with their clients, incorporating their ideas and Mark Alexander’s creative vision to combine a stunning visual display with a comfortable and welcoming environment. The flow and function of a space are carefully considered and planned to result in sophistication and style which is complementary to the surrounds.

Please take some time to read our references to see what our clients are saying about Timeless Interiors.

A limitless professional and developed artist

“To me, after a 24-hour flight, no shower for 36 hours and 2 days walking, now I feel relaxed. I’m glad I made the effort,

I am coming back with exciting products and concepts to show all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Sitting here I understand the world of furniture and design so much more.

I also discovered why I don’t make only one particular style of furniture. If you did just one style or one piece of furniture, it only limits you… like one book in a bookcase of design”
Mark Alexander Wakeling, Paris January 2015