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Share good times with family and friends around a custom manufactured dining table from Timeless Interiors. Whether you’re looking for grand timber dining tables , Georgian influenced glass topped or modern designs you’ll find our stylish and functional designer dining furniture quickly becomes the centre of attention in your home.

When choosing the perfect dining table for your requirements consider:

Dining Tables, and other custom furniture, gives your home warmth and atmosphere. In many homes, these are one of the home’s central gathering areas for your family and friends; the place where you share in good times over food and drinks and celebrate special occasions. Even if the room isn’t where your family regularly gathers, it will strongly feature as a centre point during holidays, celebrations, and important family milestones.

  • The number of people that will use it on a regular basis

  • Whether it is a functional daily piece or an ornamental, formal display piece

  • The type of wood, size, shape and features you want incorporated

  • Colours to match your decor and chair fabrics to compliment the overall look

See our gallery of custom crafted furniture then talk to us about your specifications. Call 1300 133 326 for an obligation free consultation.

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Because beauty should be Timeless

Item 1 - 12 out of 172 displayed.

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Vision and Emotion are Timeless

Timeless Interiors tables creating warmth and atmosphere within your home.

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