A console table is typically long in length and narrow in depth, standing clean against a wall, while also providing handy storage space. It has been used in interior design for centuries to tie in aesthetic qualities of both hallways and large open living spaces alike. A designer console table, designed by Timeless Interiors, can be the perfect decorative piece for your home.

At Timeless Interiors we design custom pieces that can be crafted to suit both modern and classical style homes. Our console tables are handcrafted with longevity and timeless style in mind, and can easily incorporate design aesthetics from some of the most famous art movements throughout history.

We will talk to you about the design that you envision, and will then begin our work, which will leave you with a timeless piece of furniture that can be passed on through generations. Console tables become their own centrepiece, acting individually from the rest of the interior, whilst also acting as an integral component of the daily home routine.

Our range of exquisite and desirable timbers; from rich mahogany’s to more stated and sophisticated oaks, allows you to own a truly unique piece of furniture that you can call your very own. In hand with our impeccable design ethos, Timeless Interiors can provide you with a console table that will add volumes of visual quality to your home.

Our design consultants can walk you through the initial concept phase, providing you with precise renders and sketches of what the final piece will eventually become. It is here where you can provide your particular taste, as all of our pieces are custom made according to your precise specifications.

Call Timeless Interiors on 1300 133 326 to organise your very own design consultation on your new console table. You can also send us an enquiry by using the online form provided.